About Eddy Osaman

Hey there. I’m Eddy. I have helped many people make positive decisions in traveling and in other areas of life!

Saint Augustine once said: “The world is a book, and if you do not travel, you will be reading only a page”

Just like traveling and in other areas of life, the first step to positive results is having a true desire, one borne out of necessity and not of comparison with others. Secondly, you must be ready to do some research. Regarding travels, I do provide free travel opportunities, including tips and fun stuff on my social media handles.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it is said that a lot of people do have all it takes, but simply do not know how to start. My aim is to help you focus on what’s needed, avoiding fluffs.

I have traveled and worked with a lot of local and global institutions, and currently the CEO of iGroup.

A lot of people know me for my motivational spirit, truthfulness, humor and positive vibes. I detest dishonesty to the core.

My ultimate aim is to leave the world better than I met it. You can find more about me on Wikipedia here

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Feedback & Reviews

 “I have been following Eddy on Social Media for a while. He’s very simple, quick in answering my questions and always goes out of his way to assist people without asking for money. Check out his Instagram page, it’s full of vital information. People like him are rare”


Lagos, Nigeria

“My interaction with Eddy has made me realize that there are still good people in this world. Eddy helped me during my job search in Canada. I sent him an email and he gave me tips for free. Several companies offered me jobs!”


Ottawa, Canada

“Eddy is one of the few Nigerians I’ve met. He didn’t just train me on the job. He also mentored me. He was patient with me and I learnt a lot from him. Glad I met him!”




Montreal Canada

Need Advice?

I am here, not just to assist you with travels, but also to mentor, guide and motivate you towards your life’s goals.