To begin saving for your travels, below are the payment options:

Ensure to send your proof of payment to us on: hello@eddyosaman so we can register it against your Member ID

Pay Online (Paystack)

PayPal (For Nigerian and International Savers)

Bank Deposit (For Nigerian Savers)

1419778940 – ITravel Nigeria – Accessbank

How ‘Pay small small’ works:

  1. Choose a payment plan that matches your pocket.

  2. Fill the form at the end of this page, providing us your travel details, including estimated travel date.

  3. Deposit your money into our trust fund using the payment platforms above.

  4. We will issue you with a membership ID with which you can reach out to us. You must not share this number with anyone else.

  5. You can always ask for your account balance during our work hours.

  6. Once your savings meet your desired budget, we will kick-start your travel process. You also have the option to kick-start your travel process as you deposit your funds.

  7. Money saved will not be withdrawn until the desired budget is met. This will nullify the temptation to use your funds for other needs (financial discipline is necessary).

  8. Only in extreme situations would we allow withdrawal prior to the fulfilment of your travel budget (we would require proof of situation before refunds are made). This would also incur a 20% deduction on your total savings.

  9. If you are able to complete your budget, we would not be charging you any fee for assisting you in your travel savings. The money will be invested immediately into your travel. We will not be sending any funds to your account except there are some steps in your travel process which you need to complete from your end.

  10. Paying to our trust fund means you agree to our terms and conditions.

Registration form for "Pay Small Small"

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