How it works

We operate 2 travel options for the United States of America:

  1. Visit visa

  2. Study visa


The requirements for an American visitor visa is similar to that of Canada and almost every developed country. It is a good fit for those who have good travel history OR possess significant ties to their home country (such as Businesses, Assets or High paying jobs). If you are residing legally abroad, you are also eligible to use this option. You would need:

  • Your passport.

  • Passport photograph.

  • Your travel itinerary (details of your travel date, location and where you plan to stay).

  • Your biodata (address, phone number, email, etc).

  • Proof of employment.

  • Proof of legal residency (This is for those currently residing abroad. It can be your study visa, work visa, permanent residency or citizenship. Tourism visa holders are not eligible).

  • 6 months bank statement covering your entire trip.

  • We do not recommend using sponsors for USA Visit visas, except you are a minor (18years and below).

  • Invitations from the USA does not carry any weight in your visa application. You will still be treated as if you have no invitation. Invitation only qualifies you for a visit visa.

  • Good travel history. If you don’t have any travel history, you can make use of other travel options which we have. Contact us by clicking here.

  • Our processing fees: $1000 USD (Single), $2,400 USD (Family of 5). This covers your itinerary, visa fees and other documents needed for your success. It does not cover your hotel or flight booking.

  • Processing time for visitor visa: 4months+


There are universities in the USA that offer admission without the need for English proficiency exams for English speaking countries (Such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, etc). They can also admit you if you had your previous education in English language, even if you are from a non-English speaking country.


American universities usually offer admission during Spring (Application usually around October), Summer (Application usually around December) or Fall (Application usually around December).

For Admission:

  1. International passport (scanned).

  2. Scanned passport photograph in white background.

  3. FOR FRESHERS: You need your High School certificate.

  4. FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS: University transcript and degree certificate.

  5. FOR MASTER’S DEGREE: Bachelor’s degree and University transcript. Most research-based programs would require you have a Supervisor from the institution you are applying to, Your Bachelor thesis (your project report) and 2 academic references.


For Visa Application:

  1. Bank statement: Clients need to present a bank statement for the past 6 months with a minimum closing balance that covers their study expenses for an academic year. We can connect you with agencies for bank statement processing or loan programs, however, this is independent of our processing fees.

  2. SEVIS fee payment: Online SEVIS fee payment is blocked in some countries. But because we are in North America, we can help pay this fee for our clients.

  3. Using a Sponsor? We recommend singles to use their parents as sponsors. Married individuals should self-sponsor or use their spouses as sponsor. The sponsor must provide an Affidavit of sponsorship and a Government issued ID (International Passport, National ID or Driver’s License).

  4. Proof of ties to home country:

    1. Proof of ownership of real estate.

    2. Job Employment and Leave Letter.

    3. Business Ownership and Tax Documents.

    4. Documents or any other tangible asset.

  5. Travel history: Applicants who have obtained long-term study/work visas to the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, China, Any Schengen country or the UAE have higher chances of getting a study visa approval. 

  6. Scholarships: Some of our admissions may come with a partial scholarship, depending on the GPA of the client. Such scholarships can be a discount of $500USD to as much as $10,000USD per academic year. Clients must be financially ready for their studies, should their scholarships not be approved.


ProcessIndividual ($USD)Family, 5max ($USD)
Admission fees120120
SEVIS fees350350
Visa fees160800
Health Insurance (per year)9004,500
Average Tuition fees (per year)35,000 (Bsc) 19,000 (Msc)35,000 (Bsc) 19,000 (Msc)
Accommodation (6 months)6,0009,600
Our fees1,220 (Admissions + Visa)1,860 (Admissions + Visa)
Average Total Expenses43,75052,230

* All expenses mentioned are average and are for regular programs. Special courses like Nursing, MBA, Pharmacology, Law, etc come with higher tuition.* Most universities require up to 40% of tuition fees before final admission letter is granted. Others require payment upon arrival.


* Our fees cover Admission fees, Visa fees, Stationery, Fees for securing visa appointment dates in Nigeria. It does not cover Bank statements or SEVIS fees.


* For Families: The spouse of an American study visa holder will be eligible to have a F2 visa to accompany their spouse to the USA. An F2 visa does not allow one to work or study. It only allows recreational activities.




This process is operated by iTravel Limited (Owned by us). Our track record of excellence and quality speaks volumes. We thrive in honesty and with God on our side. Our processing fees are non-refundable. We would profile you and let you know from the onset if you will be eligible or not. This helps us set clear expectations from the onset and screen out those who are ineligible. Fill the form below to begin